Quantum International is an emerging company dedicated to delivering the latest robotics innovations to market across a diverse array of industries. We target rising stars in the world of robotics and leverage our business expertise to help develop, commercialize and market their new cutting-edge products around the world. Quantum International (OTCBB: QUAN) is a publically traded company on the OTC market.

Robots are far from science fiction. These advanced tools today assist us with everything from microsurgery to bomb disposal to space exploration. The global market for robotics is forecast to reach $70 billion by 2025. Quantum International is working with leading-edge innovators in the field to deliver the next generation of robots to the industries that will soon rely on them. It?s one of the greatest growth opportunities of the 21st Century, and QUAN and our investors will be positioned to capitalize.

Quantum International is moving aggressively to join the vanguard of the robotics revolution.

In the next few years, major breakthroughs in robotic technology will transform the way people live and work worldwide. QUAN is positioning our company and our investors at the forefront of this revolution. Learn how now.


Analysts predict that the global robotics market is estimated to reach $70 billion by 2025. QUAN targets only the most promising new innovations in the field of robotics for commercialization.

From the medical industry to manufacturing and even aeronautics, exciting new robotics breakthroughs are poised to change the way we live forever, and QUAN is helping to make it happen. Learn more today.