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Why Invest in Quan?

  • QUAN is moving aggressively to become a real player in the global robotics market, which is forecast to grow in value to approximately $21.4 billion by 2014.

  • With many different sectors exploring new possibilities for robotics, QUAN expects to find a large, diverse market for the innovations it will commercialize.

  • QUAN targets only the most promising emerging technologies for commercialization, delivering the highest-potential investment opportunity to our shareholders.

$160,000,000 in Investments
  • In 2011, $160 million in investment dollars was made by venture capitalists directly into robotics companies.

$7444,000,000 in global sales
  • The sales value for field robots was about $ 744 million globally, accounting for about 24% of the total value of professional service robot sales.

  • The use of logistic systems in factories, hospitals, public buildings and outdoor areas, e.g. in ports, increased by 10% to more than 900 units in 2010.

Why Invest in Robotics?

  • Sales of medical robots in 2010 increased by 14% compared to 2009 to 932 units, accounting for a share of 7% of the total sales of professional service robots.

  • Huge robotics acquisitions are becoming common—Softbank acquired an 80% interest in Aldebaran for $100 million.

  • Three robotics companies were included in FastCompany’s list of the Worlds’ 50 Most Innovative Companies. QUAN could be next!

Graph Chart Robot Sales 14% Unit Increase
$21.4 Billion Market By 2014


Following the signing of an LOI and presentation of a term sheet, QUAN and Clelland DataSciences Inc. are set to enter into a Joint Venture Agreement.

Quantum International Corporation has begun its final round of talks with the cutting-edge technology company and hopes to wrap up in the coming weeks.

QUAN and CDS plan to work together to develop Clelland’s specialized imaging technology into portable field units. Using spectral analysis, the company is able to detect chemicals of concern at standoff distances. These devices can sense the presence of suicide vests, truck bombs and other hidden explosives in real time, with greater sensitivity than products currently on the market.

QUAN plans to investigate opportunities to assist the technology’s developers with financing, global marketing and distribution. The company is working to grow its brand by acquiring and partnering with cutting-edge robotics developers across a broad range of industries, from security to health care to manufacturing and more.


As you know, Quantum International Corp. (OTCBB: QUAN) is always working to take the commercialization of robotic technologies to an international stage. In early July, we made great progress by signing a letter of intent with the prestigious Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements (PIAP).

The LOI is a major milestone for us as we work to become an international purveyor of in-demand robotics technologies. We will be working with PIAP through the end of the month to solidify the details of our partnership. Now is the time to join a new kind of revolution whereby the best and brightest minds come together to deliver great innovations. Join us and invest in QUAN today!


Robots may conjure up images of metallic machines that resemble R2D2, but in reality robotic technology is so much more. Every time you drive a car, use a computer or even visit the doctor, you are utilizing the hard work of robotics. These technologies make manufacturing automobiles and computer parts possible. And any med student can attest to the importance of robots in surgical training.

New breakthroughs are making the use of robotics more advantageous than ever. As demand for sophisticated automation rises in a variety of sectors from logistics to defense, the robotics industry is on the verge of a tremendous explosion in growth and prosperity. Quantum International Corp. (OTCBB: QUAN) is moving aggressively to capitalize on the technological revolution that’s already quietly underway and deliver incredible returns to our investors!

Don’t wait… Invest now!


As we’ve learned from computers, smart phones and the even the internet, the biggest technologies become invaluable overnight but adoption often takes decades. This is because it takes time to make these advancements reasonable in cost and availability.

In 1943, chairman of IBM Thomas Watson said,

“I think there is a world market for maybe five computers.”

As we now know, this was a terrible prediction. The use of computers has exploded in the last four decades with the first personal computer entering the market in 1977. A study by Seagate found that 76% of Americans now own a PC of some sort. This trend is the same for cell phones and many other items we now use daily.

Don’t make the mistake of missing the robotics explosion!

Many of the biggest investors in the world are banking on emerging robotic technologies. Analysts currently predict this market to reach $70 billion by 2025.

  • The U.S. government recently approved $70 million for robotics research.
  • Amazon acquired automated order fulfillment company Kiva Systems for $775 million.
  • Japanese Group Softbank bought 80% of French robot maker Aldebaran Robotics for $100 million.
  • In 2011, $160 million in investment was made by venture capitalists directly into robotics companies.

With big name moves like these, it’s no wonder why thousands are looking to this market to invest in. And it’s not just the big guys… It’s everyday people who are banking on this technology to bring them the large returns. And they are seeing it.


We’re working around the clock to position ourselves at the cutting edge of the robotics industry by seeking out early-stage companies with promising new commercial technologies ready for the marketplace. By offering our business expertise, network of investors and marketing savvy, we’re positioning these companies to grow exponentially.

We believe that the robotics sector is poised for a major breakout in the next year or two, and we’re not alone. The industry has experienced relatively flat growth since the global recession hit in 2008. Advancements in robotics have continued to steadily progress, but the market has not yet responded to the amazing potential.

Until now that is. USA Today and Discovery News are just two publications that have recently run pieces on the growth of the robotics market. People are starting to take notice. So why aren’t you prepared for the gains? Invest in the next big thing… Robotics.

Robotics are driving innovation in manufacturing, medicine, logistics, defense, aeronautics and many more industries. In a few years, we expect that robots will be as commonplace and indispensable in the home and the workplace as PCs.

Markets Driving Robotics Demand

Manufacturing: The progress and processes involving robotics technology have historically been defined by the automotive sector. Today, though, the demand for customized products necessitates a new generation of robots capable of making small runs of made-to-order products. This requires machines with higher degrees of adaptability, ease of use and other factors.

Healthcare: The robotic doctors from Star Wars aren’t as far away as you think. Today, several thousand prostate operations are performed worldwide using minimally invasive robots, and the number of cardiac procedures is increasing rapidly. Rising healthcare costs demand robots capable of producing smaller incisions, shorter hospital stays, reduced infection risk, and fewer mistakes than humans.

Services: In professional services, huge demand is building for robots able to improve mining techniques, harvest agriculture and forest products, and clean large-scale facilities. Domestic services performed by robots include cleaning, surveillance, and home assistance. As people work longer hours all over the world, robots are poised to reduce mundane tasks at home and work to maximize our free time.